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JANUARY 2015 -  Kalani Honua on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Beginners: January 10 - 17, 2015
Intermediate: January 18 - 25, 2015

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____________________________________________________________________________ Hello Friends,

The teaching theme for my  "school year" September 2013 through August 2014 is Theory Into Practice.   Reading a book entitled God without Religion by Sankara Saranam inspired me to contemplate how and what it is that yoga fulfills in so many of us.  The calming of the mind that is yoga, allows us to feel connected and guided by spirit unrelated to any religious affiliation or subscribed set of beliefs. A belief system is limited by definition, one must stay within the system often based on unquestioning faith. There is nothing inherently wrong with this as long as one is allowed and supported in their growth toward spiritual evolution and that it brings out the qualities of unity and love for all of creation.  Yoga theorizes that we all have a faculty that connects us to unconditional love and infinite awareness.

This faculty is intuition.   Paraphrasing  Ram Dass in Be Love Now, he says that "Your intuition, a quality of the (spiritual) heart, is how you validate and integrate the teachings.  Intuition is based in the Atman (indivisible unified state), so you're using your spiritual heart as your radar.  Its not like using the intellect to judge. Sankara Saranam says, "Pranayama's most important application is the enlivening of the brain's intuitive faculties so practitioners can identify with the infinite substance of self." Pranayama is the fourth of the eight limbs of yoga.  It starts with the breath which makes it accessible to everyone.

The new blog post, Theory into Practice,  gives a few more thoughts on this topic.  We will be applying practices in classes and workshops that engage us in proving these theories for ourselves.  As they say, no one can describe the sweetness of an orange.  But once you taste one you know.


  • Bandhas Demystified: A Study in Three Parts
    (Next class on Sunday, June 8, 1 - 5 pm)

  • Download a flyer here

    The subtle body cannot yet be measured, yet it cannot be discounted either.  Although subjective in nature, the movement of subtle awareness can open up tremendous stores of energy and evoke the experience of great joy and peace.  Bandhas aid in the directed flow of subtle energy to elevate physically, calm emotionally, and connect spiritually.

    - What are the bandhas? What are the benefits and contraindications for practice?
    - When are they used?
    - How to Practice each bandha

  • Each workshop will focus on one of the three primary bandhas starting with Mula Bandha (February 23), Uddhiyana Bandha (June 8) and Jalandhara Bandha (June 29, 2014).   Each class will include related anatomy and physiology, asana, pranayama and meditation to underscore the understanding and utilization for each bandha.
    Sunday Afternoons, 1-5 PM  Body Language Studio  (register here)
    COST: $50 each date
    Contact: Cheryl Van Demark (Studio Phone 928-636-2007)

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